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Cover of the programme for the Athens Festival
Herodus Atticus Theatre
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Plays, February 1985
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Plays and Players, January 1985
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London Weekend Television previewing South Bank Show
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"Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!", II.1.163
Photo 1073.jpg
Cominius (John Savident) and the Senators of Rome greet the newly-named Coriolanus (Ian McKellen), II.1
Photo 1074.jpg
Coriolanus (Ian McKellen) greets his wife Virgilia (Wendy Morgan), II.1
Photo 1064.jpg
"Would'st thou have laughed had I come coffined home,
That weep'st to see me triumph?", II.1.172
Photo misc/0059.jpg
"Hoo! Marcius coming home!", II.1.103
Volumnia (Irene Worth), Menenius (Frederick Treves) and Virgilia (Wendy Morgan)
Photo 1071.jpg
"Nay, go not from us thus.", V.3.131
Coriolanus (Ian McKellen) hears out his mother Volumnia (Irene Worth)


Photo misc/corio01.jpg
Volumnia, Coriolanus's mother (Irene Worth)
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Post card on sale at the NT Bookshop London

Photo by: John Haynes
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"He that retires, I'll take him for a Volsce", I.4.28
Photo by: Donald Cooper
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"I'll fight with none but thee", I.8.1
Gaius Martius (Ian McKellen) engages Tullus Aufidius (Greg Hicks)
Photo 0229.jpg
"Boy! O slave!", V.6.102
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Aufidius (Greg Hicks)
Photo 0524.jpg
Coriolanus (Ian McKellen) and Aufidius (Greg Hicks) in rehearsal
Photo 0388.jpg
"Let me twine mine arms about that body", IV.5.108
Tullus Aufidius welcomes Coriolanus to his camp
Photo 0888.jpg
In rehearsal room one. Royal National Theatre
Photo 0523.jpg
In rehearsal
Photo 0803.jpg
Ian McKellen in fight rehearsal ("the model's underwear are his own")

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Setting up in Athens
Photo 1067.jpg
Rehearsal at the Herodus Atticus Theatre in Athens
Photo 1069.jpg
Rehearsal at the Herodus Atticus Theatre in Athens
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Preparing for Athens show
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Ian McKellen and Peter Hall setting up in Athens
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Rehearsal at the Herodus Atticus Theatre in Athens
Photo 1070.jpg
Rehearsal at the Herodus Atticus Theatre in Athens

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