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Thank you everyone, for making X-MEN the #1 movie in America!

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Since X-MEN opened in the USA and elsewhere on 14 July, we have received thousands of messages. We hereby acknowledge them by posting (below) a selection from the emails we've received. We hope you will appreciate them as much as we do.

I have been a fan of your work for a while now. I have also been a fan of the X-Men for even longer. I saw a screening last night. The Movie was Great. Magneto, Prof X scenes were some of the best! You did a Kick ass job on a kick ass movie!!! — Spencer

I just wanted to say thank you for making a childhood fantasy come true. Your portrayal of Magneto was simply outstanding. I hope I get a chance to see you play him again. - Kevin

I collected X-Men comics all through grade and high school and also just saw the film opening night here in the US. There are so many specific things about your stunning performance I could praise but I think I'll be brief and just say: Thank you so much for giving life to Magneto. — Bear

I just wanted to send a quick comment as to how much I enjoyed your performance in the X-Men. I found the film to be excellent and more than what it appears on the surface. I especially liked the idea of the civil rights allegory between Prof. X and Magneto. Your last line in the film was great in reference to Malcolm X. I liked that Magneto, while the villain, had a deep-seated reason for doing what he was doing. A sympathetic villain is always more refreshing than a cardboard cutout. I look forward to seeing you in other films (like LOTR) and hope you return for the X-Men sequel. — Brad

I took my fiancé and my 6 year old cousin to see X-Men on opening day. Might I just say that your portrayal of Magneto was superb. Having also seen 'Gods and Monsters' and 'Apt Pupil', I just wanted to applaud your thespian skills. I look forward to the release of 'Lord of the Rings'. I am sure that the character of Gandalf will be played with the same intensity and thought. Again I applaud you. — Rich

Just a quick note to say that Sir Ian's performance in X-men was really wonderful. Just spectacular. — Shawn

I was very impressed by your performance in X-men. Thank you for choosing to take that role. - Jeremy

I saw the X-Men Movie this weekend and thought you did a superb job as the Master of Magnetism. I have been reading the Comic for several years now and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they kept the movie fairly true to the book. I must admit I've never seen any of your other work so I wasn't sure how well you would do as Magnus. I have one word to say about your performance. "WOW!" I am now going to rent some of your previous work. And I love the correlation to Malcolm X "By any means necessary" Blew me away. Being a Black male I connected to Magneto instantly at that moment. I always saw Magnus as the Malcolm X of Mutants but at that moment you and Magneto won a lifetime fan. - Woody

Good job i look forward to see you as Gandalf. Thank you for bringing one of my fav comic villains to life maybe you should do dr doom too - Eugene

i have always admired you as an actor and just wanted to send a small note of how glad i was to see the x-men turn out to be the hit that i knew it would be. i am looking forward with much anticipation to your role in lord of the rings and your many varied projects to come. Bravo — James

I thoroughly enjoyed the X-Men movie on opening weekend, and your performance was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. I will no longer be able to read a story that features Magneto without imagining your rich voice speaking his dialogue. We X-Men fans were very lucky to have such talented actors as you, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Anna Paquin bringing the characters to life. You commented in one of posts that you felt your website would decrease in visitors once X-Men and Lord of the Rings were behind you. Well, I can assure you that, at least in my case, that will not be true. I am now a HUGE Ian McKellen fan, and I will continue to visit here to find out about your other projects, past, present and future. Thank you for all the entertainment and enjoyment you've given me, sir, and keep up the excellent work. - John

I watched X-MEN last night and would like to let you know you did an awesome job as Magneto. I loved Apt Pupil and Gods and Monsters and I look forward to watching you in The Lord Of The Rings. Must be tiring doing so many things at once... I wish you good luck on The Lord Of The Rings. - Linda

I just wanted to say that, for me, all the waiting was worth it. I am a U.S. Marine, and was stuck on duty until Sunday the 16th... so I had to wait even longer than most. My friends enhanced my anticipation with frequent phone calls on how good the movie was. Anyway, I took my son to see it Sunday morning and I was completely satisfied... and vindicated that my twenty-six year love affair with the X-Men was now going to be a world-wide phenomenon. Your portrayal was nothing short of brilliant... and I feel that your casting lent a definite air of respectability to the project. I have used too many words here to express my simple reason for writing this: Thank you very much for your outstanding work on this movie! - KMG

I just wanted to congratulate Sir Ian McKellen on the fantastic job he did in the X-Men Movie as Magneto. As a longtime fan of the X-Men I feel I know the characters like they are real people (but they are fiction, I know, I know...) and Sir Ian captured the very essence of Magneto perfectly. Magneto's arrogance, power, hatred passion and right-minded thinking were displayed perfectly by Sir Ian. I hope to see Magneto return to the Big Screen in a sequel to this movie, and I hope Sir Ian is filling his shoes... Thanks for the memorable performance Sir Ian. -Jeff

Congratulations on the X-Men! I have seen the film twice now, and I'm sure that I will see it again before it leaves the theaters. It's seldom that a movie can combine action and a sense of the fantastic with strong characterization and ethical reflection. — Anthony

Congratulations on helping make "X-Men" the fourth largest North American box office opening. I dragged my wife to it on Friday afternoon, and I'm happy to say, she had enjoyed it more than I had anticipated. Her only complaint was that she wanted more. And I agreed with her. But all in all, it was a nice antecedent to the battles that the X-Men of the silver screen will be facing in the years to come. The cast truly gave life to their two-dimensional counterparts. You were Magneto, and Mr. Stewart was Professor X. It was a true delight to watch their conflict. Ah, but poor Hugh Jackman was so wonderful in his role as Wolverine, will the public ever let him be anything else? Thanks for the great weekend, and here's to hoping that she'll have "legs" in the weeks to come - James

Well, here it is the 15th of July, and it's been well worth the wait! I enjoyed X-Men very much and plan to see it again. Well done! - Barb

Sir Ian: Just wanted to say thank you for your part in bringing the X-MEN movie to the screen. I was skeptical, I was afraid, I was worried—but you and the cast and crew delivered. And then some. Your Magneto was dead-on. So from one comic book lover and movie aficionado—thank you. — Widgett

I would like to thank you & all others involved for such a FANTASTIC adaptation of a comic book. As I thought, you were wonderful as Magneto — looking forward to seeing you in the sequel!! I had been very excited about this movie but kept squelching my hopes — seems every time I expect a GREAT movie I'm disappointed in the end. Happily, this turned out to be a movie I will probably see in the theaters a few times & can hardly wait for the video to come out. Any doubts about casting were quickly laid to rest. I was happy to see my favorite mutant represented in the movie (Wolverine) got the best lines!! ("You're a dick." lmao) I can hardly put into words how ecstatic I am for the outcome of this movie!!! I've cruised the "official" movie site, but did not see anywhere to contact cast or crew. If possible, could you convey to Mr. Singer & the rest of the cast & crew my sincere appreciation for a truly marvelous movie. I hope he (& indeed everyone) will also be involved in! any sequels that may be forthcoming. Best wishes to you on the filming of "Lord of the Rings". PEACE! - Carey

Just went to see the film with a very large number of friends, all of whom enjoyed it very much. Although you were known and respected by those of us who are frequent moviegoers, a fairly respectable percentage of us were folks who go to the movies at most once or twice a year, and who were therefore (as far as they knew) encountering your work for the very first time. Just wanted to let you know that when I later mentioned, in passing, that your next major screen appearance was as Gandalf, the cries of "Allllll rigggghhht!" were just as loud from the infrequent moviegoers as they were the regulars. Congrats on giving Magneto the weight you did. - Adam

After enjoying your roles in Richard III, Apt Pupil and Gods and Monsters I was glad to hear you were portraying Magneto. You've pulled it off marvelously, pun intended, to have actors such as yourself and Mr. Stewart in this film made quite an impact to its validity and made me feel young enough again to want to read the comic book after a 15 year detour to do 'grownup' things. Richard III also made me go back and re-read Shakespeare. I look forward to your next work and any sequels to the X-Men. — Noel

I have been a huge X-Men fan for the past 11 years and I am so impressed with the movie and felt that you were a perfect Magneto! The film went beyond all my expectations. —Jennifer

Sir Ian, Your performance as Magneto was outstanding. Thank you for the obvious respect you showed the character. The movie was a fine blend of the comics mythos and movie making realities. Mr. Jackman will be Wolverine for a whole new generation while yourself and Patrick Stewart have defined the Magnus and Xavier roles forever. As the start of a franchise, X-men is an excellent cornerstone. I thought the last scene between you and Mr. Stewart was the perfect ending and sequel set-up all in one. Looking forward to Lord of the Rings. - Lem

I just saw the "X-men" movie yesterday and loved it. It has been selling out since it opened two days ago, and so far no one is disappointed. You made a great Magneto. Thanks and keep up the good work. - Gordon

I just got back from seeing the X-men. You are wonderful. The movie is absolutely thrilling. Magneto is such a great villain. I plan to see it many times. This is actually the first film I have seen you in. I am very comforted that Gandalf the Grey is in such capable talented hands. You deserve an academy award for Magneto. I hope you gave that Balrog hell. - Marc

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did in X-men, not that you need me to tell you that. I have been a fan of the comics since I was seventeen, and I think you captured every bit of passion and malevolence that make Magneto a character that we continue to love and hate. I understand that you are now filming Lord of the Rings, and I can't wait to see it this December. What made you decide to play the mysterious wizard? I hope to hear from you soon, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. - Jennifer

I confess I was never a large fan of Magneto during my 20 years of reading comic books, but you have changed my mind. One thing about Magneto is that his awesome powers become quite exciting on film. Then there's the fact that you bring him to life very well. I like the "Mexican stand-off" scene in the film where Magneto is holding off the police, and then simultaneously has to deal with Professor X's arrival. This is a wonderful scene because we get to see just how much Magneto can juggle at once, while at the same time he himself admits that he has reached his limits, and that Charles better back off or things could get out of control. The idea of Magneto losing the ability to control the guns and bullets he's manipulating is the scariest moment of all, because you have established by then that even if that happens Magneto really doesn't care. There are other great scenes that involve the special-effects crew showing us Magneto in his glory (peeling back the outer shell of a train, etc.), but your dedication to the character amidst all the pyrotechnics was appreciated. Sure, I'm starting to get melodramatic about a comic book character, but thanks for playing him with the confidence and ruthlessness that someone who has great power and terrible bitterness would have. — Seth

I was simply stunned at the accuracy with which you portrayed magneto. The relationship between him and Charles is infused with so much complexity. Thank you for portraying this character with the same depth you have with any of your past characters. - Cory

I thought Ian McKellen did a fantastic job in X-men the movie. I went in to the movie with high expectations and came out of the movie with the expectations fulfilled! I hope if there's a sequel he will reprise his role as Magneto! I think it's wonderful to see such high caliber actors like McKellen and Patrick Stuart in a movie like this! - Caroline

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sir Ian, for delivering the greatest performance as Magneto that anyone could. I was happy the day I learned you would portray the misguided character, and overjoyed when I finally got to see your performance last night! I can not thank you enough. If you see Bryan Singer, please thank him for me as well—since I can't find a web page on him! - Steve

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did in your portrayal as Magneto. The movie was excellent. Am eagerly awaiting your portrayal as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings. Best of luck and once again your portrayal and the movie was excellent. P.S. Loved Gods and Monsters also - Chris

The X-Men was released on my birthday (July 14) and I would like to thank you and the rest of the cast and crew for a wonderful birthday present. I think you did a wonderful job as the Master of Magnetism, and I have no complaints about the movie. At all, which is a rare thing for me. I eagerly await the DVD and many sequels (hopefully featuring yourself as Magneto!) to further explore this wondrous world that Mr. Singer created and that was fleshed out mightily by yourself and the rest of the cast. Thanks for the present — Cameron

I just saw the X-Men movie last night, and have to say I have never enjoyed a movie as much as this one. I have been an X-Men fan for years, and was worried how this would come out on the silver screen. But the movie exceeded any and all expectations! Unlike most X-fans, my favorite characters have always been Magneto and Exodus. When I heard that you had been cast the role as Magneto, I knew if none other, at least they had cast Magneto perfectly. I just wanted to say that you are a magnificent actor, and you did a remarkable job portraying The Master of Magnetism. Can't wait to see you in another old favorite of mine, Lord of the Rings. Thank you for bringing such realism and life to the X-Men movie.-Robyn

We managed to get into the X-Men when it opened here in Houston yesterday July 14! We got our tickets early and it was well we did so as all shows were sold out. The movie is FANTASTIC. It got a round of applause and everyone in our crowd of 17 (almost all familiar with the comics) were absolutely wowed. Aside from the movie being simply well done, it was just plain fun and interesting. Sir Ian did a fabulous job with Magneto and I cannot wait to see him as Gandalf the Grey! I would like to just say that older or younger, gay or straight, Sir Ian is one of the most handsome, sexy and charismatic actors of our time! Well done. — Beth

Comments galore! Yesterday was of course the grand release of X-Men, and I must say, Mr. McKellen, any more on the button with Magneto and you'd have to be two dimensional and in the comic book itself. The intensity you put into your role gave me shivers the whole way through, and I'm now proud once again to call myself and X-Freak. You and the entire cast deserve a standing ovation for your performances, Ms. Paquin has stolen my heart now it seems :o) I must admit I'd been worried and apprehensive about the movie from hearing it had, what, near 90 days total to film, and it was JUST completed on July 3rd (from the sources I know, anyway, maybe sooner or later than that..) So cutting it down to the wire, it was still a wonderful piece of movie history. But please, if Bryan Singer directs the next one, pass on the word to TAKE HIS TIME! Allow more time for filming! And give your sidekicks more than 10 lines between them! *smiles* But it was wonderful overall, and by all ! means, I hope you are proud of the work you've put into the film. *bows down graciously* — Chad

I just saw X-MEN and was incredibly impressed by your performance as MAGNETO. You truly captured the essence and intensity of what the character was meant to be. The film is a wonderful adaptation of the Marvel comic book and all of you have done the near impossible in bring it to life in such a superb way. Thank you. - Joe

I just watched X-Men, which I absolutely loved, you were easily my favourite character, a character which could have ended up being ridiculous in the hands of anyone else. — Jeremy

I just saw X-Men the Movie. I must say that it is the finest comic adaptation I have ever seen. Your portrayal of Magneto was immaculate. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was also flawless. I just had to write and congratulate you and the rest of the cast. I can't wait for the next one! — Jeremy

Hi I wrote to you before and someone wrote back, about Magneto being a large man and they would need a large man to pull the role off, well Mr. McKellen you did one hell of a job in that movie thanks from a fan you gave the movie some reality you and that cast were great in my now favorite action movie of 2000. — Tev

Aloha Mr. McKellen!!!!!! I just wanted to thank you for a great performance in XMen. I just saw the movie this morning, and I was completely blown away with it. I've been a fan of the comic for 10 yrs, and I must say, this movie met my expectations, and then some, :) The cast and crew, along with the talented director, made this humble fan's dream a reality. What can I say??? You Rock!! Oh, and I really loved your photos, :) I can't wait to see LOTR! Once again, Mahalo Nui Loa, and keep up the great work! - Anneth

By now, you're being flooded with praise e-mails from the very fanboys who were most skeptical about this film. Who would've dared hope that a "comic book movie" could treat its material with such respect? Who would've believed that a big Summer movie with a teenage demographic could be based on characters rather than effects? It's unheard of in Hollywood, and I can only hope it sets a standard for things to come. X-men: The Movie reflects very well on everyone involved, you not least of all, Sir Ian. Thank you. — Greg

WOW! You guys did such a wonderful job with the XMEN movie!! I was thrilled by the entire thing! (fanboy mode off more or less) Thanks for taking seriously what could have been just another camp-fest. The person I saw the movie with continually looked at each other after key scenes in the movie and just couldn't help grinning, because you guys got it dead on. Cheers! - Derek

I've just returned from seeing X-Men and wanted to congratulate you on your excellent work as Magneto! I've read the comics for over 10 years, but from now on, it will be /your/ voice in my head when Magneto speaks. You really brought a fascinating man to the screen. I was entertained — Thank You! - Tammy

Sir Ian - Congratulations on the wonderful job you and the rest have done in the X-Men movie! It was a load of fun... already I'm waiting for the sequel! - Geoff

I saw the X-men movie today. Being an X-men fan for more than 20 years, I have always felt that the strength of the heroes lay in the hands of the villains they faced. Thank you for proving me right. I thought your portrayal of Magneto could not have been handled any better. You have shown the audience that physical strength does not make a villain. That it is the more mental aspects of the character that makes a villain great. Again, I thank you. You have made my wait for this movie well worth it. - Phill

Hello! After months of waiting and all the rumors/criticism running amuck, I finally saw The Xmen. I LOVED it! I'm a fan of the comic book, and must say I'm MORE then please with the results! Course, I never was a harsh critic, like some fans. I may have raised an eyebrow to some things, but remained focused to see the finished results before passing judgment. The best way to describe my feelings is like being a kid at an amusement park. Once the ride was over, I wanted to run right back in line and get another ticket. I must say, after seeing your performance as Magneto, I can no longer picture ANYONE else in the role. You are Magneto. My brother and I both hope, that if there be a sequel (I hope!), Magneto/you will be brought back. You were wonderful! I do have one question for you. I'm sooo happy for Bryan Singer that this turned out so well, and I was wondering if there's an address where I could write him my congratulations? I apologize if this question has been posted before. Thank you for your time, and again, Congratulations!! — Terri

I have been a fan of the X-Men for years and was actually not looking forward to seeing what was done with this movie. With the blunderings of Batman and the Fantastic Four, I cringed to say the least. Then I saw it... I was left speechless by the care which Mr. Singer used to make the movie and the absolutely marvelous take everybody had on their characters. I applaud you, Sir, for helping to restore my faith in the motion picture industry and for being part of the best comic book related movie since the original Superman. As a theater manager, I will recommend this movie to everybody who walks through the doors of my theater... - Brad

Just a short note to compliment you on your performance in X-Men. You took what could have been a standard villainous role and transformed the character of Magneto into a sympathetic figure. I would say he is not an evil man, but a scarred and misguided individual. Lastly, I enjoyed your performance in Gods and Monsters tremendously. That you did not win the Academy Award for best actor merely shows how myopic and flawed that body is. Good luck on your future endeavors. — Bob

I have just seen the X-Men movie and wanted to congratulate and thank you for a wonderful portrayal of Magneto. I thought that you brought great dignity to the role of a villain who is clearly willing to go to any means for his cause. - Edward

I saw X-Men this past Friday (July 14) and wanted to express to you what a wonderful film it was and what a fine performance you gave as Magneto. When I first learned that this film was going into production, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. I read the X-Men comic throughout the 1980s and early 1990s until writer Chris Claremont left the title. I felt the quality of the book suffered from his departure because the characters just didn't have the same qualities that I found so inviting. As a result I have been far removed from the X-Men's adventures for about eight years. But this film, with your and your fellow cast members' performances captured the spirit of the book that was my favorite as a teenager. Congratulations. I don't know if you read any of the X-Men comics, but I highly recommend "God Loves, Man Kills". This is the graphic novel that was published in 1982. Written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Brent Eric Anderson, I think it is the best X-Men story ever told, and I found that your performance of Magneto in the film echoes the depiction of Magneto in this story. - Paul

The X-men are cool OK!!!!!! - Lynn

I wrote you a few weeks ago telling you how much of a fan I was. Well, I just wanted to say that I went to see X-MEN the night it opened and I felt that the movie was spectacular. You pulled off Magneto with such a flair and life that I felt you were made for the part. I spent most of my time as a child watching things such as X-MEN and HE-MEN. This movie was the first one that I felt held up to the storyline and the characters were like they are in the books. I was disappointed that Xavier's wheelchair didn't float, but I understand there is so much you can do. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you were superb and that it is one of your best roles I have seen you in (and I have seen them all). — Jimmy

I would just like to compliment you on an excellent performance in "X-Men". Your portrayal of Magneto far surpassed any expectations set forth by myself or any number of people. Congratulations! You're very presence in this movie enabled it to be more than just a "superhero flick". Instead we, the public, were given a very well crafted and finely acted story. Might I add that your scenes with Patrick Stewart were some of the finest in the film...the two of you make an excellent pairing. Congratulations to you and the rest of the cast...I look forward to your future projects. Thank you. — Aaron

I think that Ian McKellen is a great actor. I also luv Hugh Jackman. Xmen is the best movie ,comic, 'toon, whatever u call it..it is awesome!!! oh and Magneto is cool too!!!!! - Kelli

I saw the film today and I really enjoyed it. I was very impressed by your performance. When the film was over, the audience i was with clapped cheered. Many people walking out of the theater muttered under their breathes, "i want to see the sequel." The age groups in the theater ranged from 5 years to 70 years you should be proud to know you made alot of fans and non-fans very excited. P.S. im going to see the film again Friday...it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Lance

I just heard that the X-Men movie opened as the 4th biggest opening weekend of all time. I wanted to say congratulations and to let you know that while I was unsure how you would do with a powerful person such as Magneto, I was totally blown away by your performance. Thank you for making the movie what it was. You did a great service to the figure.-Scott

Just wanted to say thank you for participating in this great saga of the X-Men. I grew up on this stuff and couldn't imagine anyone better to play those roles. thanks again — V

Thank you for being a great Magneto! - Scrappa

I enjoyed the movie immensely, thank you! - John

I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men, having seen it three times. Your scenes with Patrick Stewart were great. I'm anxiously anticipating the sequel with even more action and more intriguing dialogue. - Neil

Wow.. Now that I have seen the film I would like to say how excellent you were at playing Magneto. No one else could have done it better. I hope to see you in the sequel. — Ryan

I just wanted to write and congratulate you on a job extremely well done. I saw X-men this weekend with my two sons and we were amazed at the film. The acting was top-notch, the special-effects were fantastic and the story was detailed and layered. I visited your website and really enjoyed reading your notes. Well-written and entertaining. I live in Hamilton and could kick myself for not visiting the set when you filmed here. I really blew an opportunity!!!! You brought class and dignity to the role of Magneto and you were instrumental (I'm being sincere , not just fawning!) in bringing many dimensions to what could have been a one-dimensional character. You created a complex and intriguing character and one that I hope returns to the sequel. Thank you very much for a wonderful film experience and for the years of film that you have provided. I especially liked you in Rasputin - great movie (not to diminish all the many other films that you have made). Looking forward to seeing you in Lord of the Rings — Dean.

I would like to first congratulate you on the movie. The work you accomplished in portraying Magneto was phenomenal. Most comic books, turned movie adaptations have been downright horrible. I mean no offense to anyone with those words, however if they are going to try and recreate the same environment as the authors have tried to convey in their comic books, the least they should do is to try and give the same feel and effects in the movie version. Just my opinion. I sat in anticipation and was absolutely overwhelmed with the entire film. The characters, plot, scenes and effects were incredible. Every character followed the comic book as well as the special effects enhanced what I've grown accustomed to seeing in the comic books and animated series. The slight changes in Rogue were nice, but everything else followed the script flawlessly. Everyone in the movie theatre clapped here in Montreal at the end of the movie. I made sure to see the first screening and was completely satisfied. At night, the movie was pretty much sold out across the city for the night viewings. Very impressive. I have some friends in the film industry and I've just done some musical work on the upcoming Wesley Snipes movie called Art of War. Everyone involved was extremely happy with the outcome of your movie and after having read a certain column in our local paper, we decided to send you a quick congratulations as your internet address was listed as one of the top ESSENTIAL XMEN MOVIE SITES. I've been following the Xmen for many years now, collecting the comic book and making sure to record every episode possible of the animated series on Fox. I just wanted to say great job and I look forward to seeing the sequel and more. - Dave

It is a unique experience to say that I have been waiting for over 21 years for something like this, and the wait was worth every second. From the day in March 1979, when I picked up my first issue of "The Uncanny X-Men" [#132] I was HOOKED. As you can easily guess, the nine-year-old in me immediately thought "I hope there's a movie, and SOON!" The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The Defenders, The Hulk, Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc., etc., all had their charms, but X-Men was the only issue whose arrival at either the newsstand or in the mail made my month. In 1982, I remember reading that plans for a live action movie of the X-Men were on the drawing board, but it had never materialized [until now]. Last night, I, along with my co-worker, a fan of equal devotion, who preferred to see the movie with me rather than her husband [who is not a fan at all], was absolutely, positively, unquestionably thrilled by THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION, from start to finish. The cast and crew were able to get the mood, the lighting, the emotion and the action PERFECT. Thank you, Mr. McKellen, for a believable performance as the Master of Magnetism. Over the years, the comics developed the character not as merely evil, but as an embittered, tortured soul driven by desperation to his actions. You have captured the essence of him, and I sincerely hope to see a sequel ['God Loves, Man Kills' perhaps?], in which you break out of your plastic prison [microwave, maybe?]. Also, my congratulations on a job well done to all cast and crew members, particularly Hugh Jackman, without whom it would not have been the same. - Peter

This is a thank-you for bringing Magneto to life in such a spectacular way. Your work in film has always been of a very high caliber, so I don't know why I was ever worried about how you might handle Magneto. He is after all one of the best villains in comics. You carried him with class, passion and honor. Again, I thank-you for doing such a great job. P.S. I've seen the movie twice already, with plans to see it 2 more times. I'll probably see it 6 - 10 times... P.P.S. The movie is really great - Dan

I truly think that you are one of the greatest actors in our generation today. I saw "X-MEN", and was very impressed for it being based on a comic book. — Brandon

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