25 May 2006

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24 March 2000

Q: Has the filming on the X-Men movie finished???? That's all. Thanks.

A: I think final filming wrapped the first week in March. "WRAP" stands for the closing of a day's shooting in the days of hand-cranked cameras: "Wind Reel And Print".

From: Tony E.V. wolverine1030@aol.com

Q: Hi Mr. McKellen, as you know, Entertainment Tonight showed a teaser trailer of the X-Men movie. I was just wondering why they didn't put Rogue in it, I haven't heard to much about her, my guess is that they are keeping her under wraps, that when we go see the movie, and she comes on we all going to say wow.

A: I expect you will go wow. Anna Paquin is a formidable actor regardless of her youth. I am very pleased that, having very much wanted to study in New York, she has landed a place at Columbia University for next academic year. Like her peer students, she will work professionally when there's time.

From: azmat1@pienet.net

Q: How come there is no news about the character Rogue in the movie? Is she now playing a cameo part or she is no more in the movie?

A: I certainly hope Anna Paquin's "Rogue" is still in the movie, as I have a number of scenes with her! Don't forget that all you have seen so far is a teaser trailer. All in all, you will have to wait until the complete movie is finally released.

Q: How much fun did you have making this movie? And when and where will the Hollywood Premiere be?

A: Lots: and I don't know I'm afraid.

From: Joey McMillan

Q: Dear Sir Ian... I saw the trailer and it looks fantastic! I must ask you, will the film take a realistic enough approach to the cutting edge social symbolism found in the comics? Certainly the writer's have a great deal of room to make pertinent statements about racism and war. Of course, a ton of action and great effects is welcome as well!

A: The official X-Men website confirms that the film's story is firmly based on society's attitude to mutants. These perhaps represent all those minorities with whom a majority of the population might be disaffected. As you can tell from the trailer, there will be plenty of X-Men style action.

Q: Will we be seeing any strong Xavier/Lensherr character moments? Because two actors of your caliber should not be limited to just the action sense of the movie. The X-MEN run far deeper then that. Thank you!

A: It is quite clear in the film that Magneto and Xavier are the poles of the moral argument.

From: thedin@pacifier.com

Q: Have you seen a final cut of the movie and are you happy with the way the movie turned out?

A: I saw some of the daily screenings of the previous day's work. Soon I shall be dubbing my voice onto the soundtrack "additional dialog recording" when I shall be able to see some cut footage. But I shan't be able to see the finished film much before you do. I am hoping to go to the USA premiere in July.

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